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Drawings monthly. Mediums are Pen and Pencil.
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ArticNinja165's News

Posted by ArticNinja165 - 2 weeks ago

I forgot to say this, but I've temporarily moved from my house for renovations. It's going to last a few months, but the builders are trying their hardest to get it done quickly.

Try not to expect any art in that time. Sorry.


Posted by ArticNinja165 - 2 weeks ago

I've been watching the Dream SMP for about half a year and I really like it. I mainly watch Technoblade's streams because he's on YouTube, but also watch videos which come out about it.

Anyways, I've been thinking of a swap AU for the Dream SMP(I'd probably call it "Techno SMP"). I'll probably never get to it but, if I do, these would be the swaps:

Dream with Technoblade

Tommyinnit with Tubbo

Nihachu with Fundy

Schlatt/Glatt with Wilbur/Ghostbur

BBH with Skeppy

Philza with Eret

Ranboo with Karl

Antfrost with Awesamdude

The next ones would be maybes, but I try to focus on symmetry with relationships when swapping

Quackity with Georgenotfound(this is a big "maybe". IDK if Sapnap would be better, but I chose it because of Quackity's fear of Technoblade somehow relating to George facing Dream in manhunts)

Punz and Sapnap(both skilled assasins)

Captain Puffy with ConnorEatsPants

Callahan and Alyssa(honestly, at this point I'm looking at "Relationships" and filling in the blanks)

By the way, I probably wouldn't include guests because they aren't part of the canon.


Posted by ArticNinja165 - 1 month ago

2020 hasn't been a good year so far, and I doubt 2021's going to be any different. It sucks that Boris Johnson pulled the rug on us by suddenly telling us we couldn't meet up for Christmas. Overall, this year has definitely been interesting to say the least.

Either way, there's still a few things to look forward to next year: Prince Phillip's going to be 100 in June, and my account's going to be five by the end of October. The Olympics were delayed, but they'll come back next year. Also, a tested vaccine's probably going to come out during the summer

I just hope that nothing worse happens, and that we'll be able to come out of this mess alive; At least those who still are.


Posted by ArticNinja165 - December 17th, 2020

Honestly, I think I should actually draw my own profile picture. It's not even mine.


The original artpiece: "THE BOIS BOIS BOIS" was by @Dewdneym

I really liked it because Falinks was, and still is, my favourite Pokemon, but I found it hard to draw them.

I'm not that proud of having someone else's work as the main thing people will see when visiting my page.


I feel like if I keep this, It's probably going to affect me negatively in the future, since all other artists draw their own profile pics.

Also, it doesn't fit well with everything else on my page on an aesthetic level, so I should probably do something about it.

Edit: Apparently he said it was okay to use it. That's good. At least I won't need to change it too soon


Posted by ArticNinja165 - December 11th, 2020


I finally got more than 4 votes on my art. This means I'm finally able to get scouted and become an approved artist.


I finally have a score on my art and it feels so great.

Edit: I just got scouted by @ProfessorClockwork and now I'm in the artist portal.


Also, as of now, I have 9 fans.



Posted by ArticNinja165 - December 1st, 2020

Given how both Halloween and Christmas are both events which are only one day, yet take over the entire month, they are basically the Galeem and Dharkon of every year


Posted by ArticNinja165 - November 13th, 2020

You know it's Christmas when companies start making wholesome adverts.


Posted by ArticNinja165 - November 8th, 2020

I believe that since it takes double the speed to move normally in half speed, actions must also take double the amount of force to perform. That's why attacks hit harder if they are faster. Therefore, you are more powerful in slow motion.

Since stopped time must be near 0x speed for anyone to move inside it, any actions in stopped time must be infinitely fast or powerful.

Also, in half speed, everything would be twice as heavy, as they require twice as much force to be moved by people in half speed.

This means that you would be stuck in place in stopped time, as the air particles around you would have infinite weight.

I feel like this isn't new to anyone, but it was to me.


Posted by ArticNinja165 - November 4th, 2020

I have a disc of "The Lion King: Hakuna Matata" from about a decade ago, but everyone calls it "The Lion King 1½" when I have "The Lion King 3". What's with that?





Posted by ArticNinja165 - October 27th, 2020

The half term started a few days ago, so I was finally able to make some art at home.

It was the third prompt of Inktober(Bulky), and I decided to draw a giant isometric Steve head.

This took a long time to finish because of the amount of crosshatching I needed to draw, but I was able to do it in one night.

So, I'd really like it if you checked it out by clicking the link below

Speaking of which, my other Inktober art hasn't been getting much attention, so I'd really like it if you saw it. It's even the banner for my account.