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Drawings monthly. Mediums are Pen and pencil. Collabs are welcome.
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I'm mainly making this to express some of my views on Steven Universe. Though you may automatically disagree, siding with Rebecca Sugar, it's still okay to see others' points of view

1. Garnet represents interracial relationships more than the LGBTQ+ community.

I feel like the whole outrage about two different gems fusing is supposed to represent segregation more than being homophobic. Maybe they saw it as that way because gays are now the suppressed demographic, but the "Rubies fuse with Rubies" execution made it sound like the topic was based on race. On the other hand, Stevonnie fits in better with the topic of LGBTQ+ as their gender is more ambiguous given how they are a fusion of a boy and a girl

2. The Pink Diamond twist had a terrible logical execution.

At first, I was outraged at the twist because I thought it had little support, but soon I grew to accept it, as it was shown to be set up multiple times in the story, right under my nose. Unfortunately that bubble burst, as I soon had a thought linger in my head: "They never touched on gem rotation until then", which was weird since it was a big part of the twist. Nobody talks about, references or even performs gem rotation. Not even Amethyst, who is usually the most eager to do something. The only other time someone rotated their gem was in the movie with Spinel. That would be like if nobody fused in the whole first season until Jailbreak, where Garnet's revealed as being a fusion the whole time, and the only other time we see a fusion is with Malachite, or Bluebird Azurite, or Topaz. Unless someone shows me an example of gem rotation in the show pre-plot-twist, I will stand by this statement until the day I die.



Starting from today, I will be open for commisions, but it will be an on/off thing, so I could either do it now or later. Be patient with it.

You can pick from either pen and pencil or just lineart.

This is all free by the way, so give me anything you want, as long as it isn't too sexual

Have a nice day!


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